Thanks to all--medical emergency under control

Thanks to everyone who responded. I was eventually able to reach one of
the providers, who was able to identify the callers through logs, and
passed the information to the local emergency people. The patient is now
under treatment, and did not take a lethal dose.

Howard Berkowitz

I'd just like to point out the similarity between this event and the use
of the phone company to track down suicide callers. This reminds me of
several 40's or 50's B&W movies with people running down banks of relays
looking for the connection. I suspect that as the use of the Internet as a
communications tool pervades our culture more deeply these events will
occur with increased frequency.

This is just one more good reason for every provider to have a
24/7 NOC service even if it just gets call-forwarded to someone
asleep in bed.

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