Thanks! Re: Re: Root DNS Server Issues?

Thanks to everyone who helped me out and I hope you don't mind
me making a fool of myself. :slight_smile: I (and others that I work
with) learned quite a lot from your responses to this little
incident. If I have to be a little bit foolish to learn
something valuable, then so be it! <g>

Thanks again,

If you have a copy of "DNS and BIND" laying around the office somewhere,
grab it and read the first two or three chapters. They do an excellent job
of describing how the distributed domain name system works. This would be
good background knowledge for anyone in the business at this level, and it
should only take you 30 minutes (or so) to read.

The one difference between what older versions of the book describe and
current reality is that the root servers, [a-m], are no
longer authoritative for most of the gTLD zones. They have moved to

For those who would like to see a reader's digest version of how the
delegation chain works, try the following:

dig com. ns

dig ns

dig ns

dig a

That's roughly the path that a resolver would take to figure out how to
deal with you typing "" into your browser.