Thank you


Just when I think that I understand things, I find out how little I know,
or how little I should trust my instincts. I'll try to translate some
North American idioms for you below. Anyway, MSU's difficulty should be
finished now.


Actually, what happened in this case was a typo in a filter
list on icm-dc-1 which blocked the announcement from the Dante

One or more of us here is at fault for accidentally
adjusting things in the wrong way. Chalk up another round
to fat finger syndrome...

    ^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ = bad typing mistakes (from fat fingers)

Some automation for updating some
of AS 1800's configuration is in the works, so hopefully

                               ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ = in progress

this won't be a recurring problem after that's done.

We did have some difficulty in tracking this down initially,
as we had no idea who should have been announcing AS 3058
routes to AS 1800, and the filter-list appeared good at
first glance.

Dante looked into things on their end over the past couple
of days, and informed us that they were announcing things to us
OK and that things looked OK on the Dante 4000 in D.C., and asked
us to re-check the filter list.

Sure enough, they were right, and the 120 line filter-list
had a botch near the end.

       ^^^^^ = mistake