Test Route

> From: bmanning@ISI.EDU
> Hi,
> Much as I like to debate RFC 1597 and Firewalls... That is not
> the topic of this thread.
> I was pointing out a useful (to me) hack to verify BGP peering
> and route generation w/o the need to "expose" routes that
> I might not be authoritative for.
> I would like to know if others think this was/is worthwhile?

If you don't propagate the route, why does it matter?


Ah, but I do. Its a TestRoute that carries no other information.
This effectivly re-casts this prefix/mask into a tool for testing
reachability. Just becasue I have a BGP peer up does not equate to
route exchange. Once I send the TestRoute and you ack that it is received,
then I have a higher assurance that our exchange works.