test Nets being routed?

The issue from our side has been fixed...I have word that "default" has been
killed off. Also, noteworthy, that since we weren't getting these routes via
BGP, filters didn't do much.



Randy Bush wrote a while back:
< > and
< > or
< > or
< >
< > these prefixes (and delegation points) are valid or potentially valid
< > in the routing system
< and someday, with enough marketing thrust, pigs could fly. with as many
< large isps filering these prefixes as there seem to be, and for good
< historic reason, my advice would be to bet on the pigs. rosenantes is
< getting nackered.
< and once again, what the heck is a 'delegation point' in bgp/routing?
< rfc/document reference, please?
< randy

I also sent this particular route to the bit bucket (Null0) at NAP.NET having not
hear back from inc.net.....


Matthew D. Lammers wrote: