Test Dual Queue L4S (if you are on Comcast)

FYI that today we (Comcast) have announced the start of low latency networking (L4S) field trials. If you are a customer and would like to volunteer, please visit this page.

For more info, there is a blog post that just went up at https://corporate.comcast.com/stories/comcast-kicks-off-industrys-first-low-latency-docsis-field-trials

We anticipate testing with several different cable modems and a range of applications that are marking. We plan to share detailed results of the trial at IETF-118 in November.

Any app developers interested in working with us can either email me direction or Low-Latency-Partner-Interest@Comcast.com.


FYI, when trying to sign up, it tells me that my input isn’t required because I work in the telco industry.