terminal server recommendation


Look at the Xyplex terminal servers, They have all the features of the
Cisco boxen and are very reliable when I was working for the airlines we
would install them in maintenance hangars for terminal access and forget
them for years
You can purchase them new or they show up on ebay for 1-300 dollars and you
can purchase a maintenance agreement for a very reasonable price. They
have several lines the 18xx which boot from floppies/tftp/mop and are
disco'd but can be had for less than $100 and have most of the feaures of
the current 16xx/72x series which boot from flash/tftp the 16xx series is
a stackable series and the 72x series goes in the Network 9000 chassis
system. You can check out their spec's at www.nbase-xyplex.com. The
connection on all of their devices are RJ-45's so cross patching is easy
and 3 wire configs do work

Hope this helps - Scott

"Charles Smith" <chasmith9@hotmail.com>@merit.edu on 05/01/2001 04:12:34 PM

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