Telus ADSL IPv6 Roll Out

Looks like Telus is rolling out IPv6 to their ADSL customers. My ISP modem/router is getting a /64 at home. I have a really big smile right now [:blush:] <>

If that /64 is on the outside interface, well done - what are you
getting on the inside for your own use?

If the /64 is on the inside (and not part of a larger supernet, say
a /48) then there is little cause for celebration, as you will be
limited to one (1) IPv6 subnet in the home. "Better than nothing" is
about you could say about that...

Regards, K.

I looked around a bit more and I am assigned a /56. It was confusing in their router, digging through a few more pages showed the /56.

Performance is significantly worse through IPv6 on Telus right now, google takes twice as long (14ms IPv4, 30ms IPv6) and facebook is significantly worse (40ms IPv4, 190ms IPv6). Hopefully this improves as part of the roll out.