TCP Performance

No QoS is in use anywhere..
To the best of my ability I've eliminated Packet loss. However, I've not
found a way any better than ICMP/MTR/Ping -f..etc.
The reason flow control has been mentioned is to correct buffer overflow at
the Microwave links. Where they physically link at GigFDX. But the radio
interface is only capable of ~360Mb/s, It's possible for the sending device
to overflow the buffer between the fiber/ethernet and the radio interface.I
can say we've had an issue like this in the past, Which forcing 100Mb/s FDX
on a licensed radio fixed the problem. Being that, The ethernet was now
slower then the radio interface. However, The down fall of this is that it
limits the link to 100Mb/s which isn't sufficient anymore.
In terms of congestion, There is not from my point of view. Every link in
questions runs =>30% utilization.

Nick Olsen
Network Operations (855) FLSPEED x106