TCP Performance

I have done a decent amount of reading on both TCP windowing and Flow
Control. But I've seen a lot of conflicting data. Some say flow control
breaks more then it fixes. Where some say it's completely required.
Currently we do not have Flow control enabled. Our routers do not support
flow control currently (At least, Not at a configurable level, maybe at the
NIC hardware wise). The only way we could currently implement flow control
would be installing a manged switch (with flow control) between the
router(s) and the Microwave links.
Regarding packet loss. We once again have conflicting data. If you take a
look at the packet captures. The file download in Orlando (Which rocks
~800Mb/) shows ~5K retransmits/Dup Acks. However the file download in Cocoa
(Crossing the wireless) is about 3x that (~16K retransmits/dup acks). The
same is shown on an intra-network test from server to server.. But only
when HTTP. Iperf testing shows ~18 errors, Vs ~13K errors when HTTP based.

Nick Olsen
Network Operations (855) FLSPEED x106