TCP-AO for BGP Peering?

Y'all --

Does anyone know of a survey or study showing the rate of uptake for BGP over TCP-AO? I've poked around some and asked in a few places and not found anything, but I probably missed something out there.

If there's no studies, does anyone have any experiences possibly indicating BGP over TCP-AO usage they can share?

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you can start from here:


I don't think that URL explains how commonly it is used.

In my experience TCP-AO use is extremely limited, partly because it's
super new in practice. Juniper had it for a long time, but it was
pre-standard even years after the standard was published, which
probably didn't matter much, as no one else had it at all until
somewhat recently.

I suspect this type of order of events may have led many people to
look into TCP-AO early on, and decided correctly it was not
operationally feasible, and that has stuck.

There's a github repo with configuration examples from a number of vendors

As for usage....slow adoption. I only know of one production deployment (because I control both eBGP routers :slight_smile:

(maybe Cunningham's law will apply and someone will prove me wrong)

We have used it in our core since JunOS 20.3+ but no peers (over 250) have accepted to use TCP-AO so far.