Targeted LDP and Hierarchical LSPs in MPLS networks

Just for the record - i was against doing MPLS in Pluris boxes.

There's a much better way to do traffic engineering using Pluris'
load-distribution trick.

I guess marketing won.


I don't think the MPLS idea was bad at whole and disagree with Vadim here;
if I objected MPLS this was due to the opinion MPLS is the way to route IP
over ATM, and this is the only way to provide QoS...

On the other hand, it's dont clean if pre-calculated traffic engeneering
is better than dynamic routing (with embedded load balancing). But I
clearly understand why TELCOm and big providers ask just MPLS (exactly
they do not need MPLS but they need traffic engeneering).

Alex. /who had a chance to try do this things in Pluris last year -:)/