Tampa small colo recs?

Anyone got any opinions on small colo rental in Tampa; anywhere from 8RU to a
half-rack? I'd prefer at least one tier 1 uplink, and at least 1 tier 2,
dial-a-yield 100Base, and 24 hour access, but I'm flexible. Pinellas County
is also fine.

-- jra

The switch & data (or whatever they are called now, Equinox or something)
space is nice, good manager. You'd have to go for a whole rack or cage
though. You'd have wikipedia as a neighbor too. I put 40+ racks in there
for Clearwire. They are in the building with the big lizard on the side
downtown Tampa, 10th floor if I recall.

I recommend E Solutions, But I am biased (I build the network).

But also in town we have,

Switch and Data
Peak 10
Sago Networks

I know them all pretty well, so if you have any questions, fire away.


I've managed a few servers from sago, they have a great network and quick support responses as needed. Hostway not had quite as good of responses from them, and some weird network issues. However that was a few years back.

Hivelocity has a facility in Tampa. I have a virtual private server
there with someone colo'd there and it's great. Email me off list and
I'll give you the IP address for tracerouting or whatever you need to