T3 or not to T3

Nathan Stratton writes:

The delay at MAE-East is because some larger providers have just 1 DS3
connection when they need more. The gigaswitch can do almost 1000 times
what it is doing now. The OC-3s that are connecting the gigaswitches
together also have plenty of room on them.

That was not the point he was trying to make.

The fact that mae-east is the busiest peering point should be a reason
to stay _away_ from it and try to spread the bandwidth load around to
other peering points. The busier mae-east gets, the more trouble the
entire net gets into when it blows up (which has been known to
happen). You have said many times that the gigaswitch is not anywhere
near capacity, and you are probably right. However, what you
repeatedly forget to realize is that there are many other factors that
need to be considered.