T-Mobile RF contact

I realize this isn’t an RF list but was hoping someone on here could point me in the right direction.

Does anyone know how to get in touch with a T-Mobile RF engineer?

Our CBRS network has been receiving heavy interference from what we believe is a new T-Mobile site at an American tower facility.

The equipment isn’t registered with the SAS and appears to be operating in the part 90 portion of the band 3650-3700mhz as a part 90 device and not a part 96 CBRS device.

American tower has been no help other than opening a ticket.

Federated is our SAS vendor and they haven’t been any help either other than telling us it’s not in the SAS.

I’ve also done an application search in the FCC auction 105 (CRBS) site, but T-mobile must have been bidding under a different name.

Any help is much appreciated,

-Sean Heskett

Sometimes the carriers have a NOC number listed on their equipment at the site.

Guessing this isnt the case at this site?


Have you tried the contact information on some of their FCC Part 101 (PTP microwave) licenses? All public data in the ULS, you can even download the whole thing (12-14GB pipe delimited CSV file, last I checked).

It’s more likely to be someone in the area. Friend of mine who runs a small WISP has had similar problems with other companies who haven’t been able to upgrade equipment to Part 96 capable, yet still operate and walk all over everyone else in the area.

The only somewhat sketchy licensing up your way is that Horry County Telephone in South Carolina won some 105 licenses up there, and just transferred them to South Park Telephone. Maybe a good reason, smells like profiteering to me.:slight_smile:

Hi Sean, were you able to identify the equipment manufacturer in case it’s a WISP on that same tower? Often good to have SMs / CPEs of various manufacturers for that.