Systemic problems at Verizon

There exist little red caps that fit onto 66 blocks and binding
posts. They're hard to find, though. If someone here knows of
the supplier, I'll buy a few hundred.

In the 60's there was a special red ty-wrap that went around/over
posts/punches for ""national security"" lines. You had to cut same
off to test, and {in theory} requisition a replacement. I've only
see same in BSP's so I've no idea if they ever got much use.

I think the BSP called them Special Service Protection, and there was a more stringent version called Special Safeguarding Measures. The latter, IIRC, didn't quite qualify as a military grade Protected Wireline Distribution System, which went to the extents of pressurized conduit with intrusion detectors.

We used to protect leased metallic pairs in a simpler manner; we
parked +130 Tip/-130 Ring on same. When Mr. Green put his butt set
on same; if his fingers didn't alert him, the BANG in his ear did.

Someone did that once with _stranded_ wire, so the strand was fine enough to puncture the skin. I found myself in a corner with very little recollection of how I got there, and am really not sure that if there had not been a wall there, I would have kept going. Oh well...I didn't freeze to the conductor.