Ever have one of those 'synergy' kind of days? DRA's network dates
back to 1984, and is positively ancient compared to some networks. But
even I was left speechless by today's outage. Here's an extract from
DRA's trouble ticket diary.

But, I have been give a bit of background information on why they are having
so much trouble repairing the circuit. This circuit, a DS3 between LA and
San Diego, was owned by Western Union, which was bought out by MCI Local,
which is a part of MCI, which merged with World Comm. So, MCI/World Comm has
no idea what the circuit ID is of the circuit that is down. There is an MCI
tech on site in LA tracing cables to see where this circuit plugs into the
Western Union equipment so that they can trouble shoot it.

Do other people have problems like this? Or does Murphy just likes me?

Used to be common when I was involved. The fun ones, that should not
happen, are ones like BT delivery a transatlantic DS3, using MFS (yes,
even after they were bought) to deliver to NY from the cable-head, who
subcontracted the final mile to TCG (or was it someone else ?). Then
play find the circuit numbers. I haven't even started on the UK end,
since that was all BT, but still many departments, each with their own

It's definitely not isolated to you. Murphy *loves* me too... And it
doesn't take a 15 year old network to find telcos pulled bonehead moves
like that, especially on a global basis. How you get them to do it
quickly in crises is "operational art", though, and melds with the synergy
you speak of... :wink: