>But, I have been give a bit of background information on why they are having
>so much trouble repairing the circuit. This circuit, a DS3 between LA and
>San Diego, was owned by Western Union, which was bought out by MCI Local,
>which is a part of MCI, which merged with World Comm. So, MCI/World Comm has
>no idea what the circuit ID is of the circuit that is down. There is an MCI
>tech on site in LA tracing cables to see where this circuit plugs into the
>Western Union equipment so that they can trouble shoot it.

Do other people have problems like this? Or does Murphy just likes me?

Um, yup. On just about every Worldcom circuit I've bought which
is either newer or older than their current revision ticket system.
(I'm sure other carriers are just as bad).

Now imagine being told to report all this through their UK helpdesk
to add a further level of non-understanding.

The amount of "that isn't a circuit number"'s I've got is instructive.