switching versus routing ATM redux

Wading thru the flood in the past two days, I was wondering why Carmen

Hillenburg <carmenh@onecall.net> is answering Richard Irving
<rirving@onecall.net> email?

My significant other used my email while I was at work ;>

Thus, ATM takes more bandwidth (is slower) and more cell switches (is
slower), cumulatively at every hop. Slower is slower is slower....

Interesting note, I think all cross country timing data coming in is
across ATM paths. Anyone have HSSI ?

Regarding the deluge. It started when someone said, "Ok, what advantage

does ATM have that IP doesn't" and I named 2. It started a Holy war.

I had no Idea...

Chris, I may never respond to you again.... :wink:

However, it is dragging to an end. *phew*

We will know a fairly close representation of the ratio of overhead to
cross the country, vs the speed of light ;).
We have had input from some of the more interesting people in the
And many interesting , yet *differing* views, yours is yet another.

I would have stopped it long ago, but I felt obliged to at least
It is sort of an obsession of mine to make the data I *see*, correlate
with the information the experts in the industry are offering......

Who is Richard Irving? No one! Just a tech like you, tasked
with "The Net". Our company is an IXC, we run a hybrid-exchange
(Giga-POP), and also carry our own ATM and IP circuits.
(Routers, ATM Switches, IP Switches, and Telco:(ISDN/Pots) Switches.)
We have a couple thousand T's around the country , (not all ip ;( ),
Lots of "Hot glass" (up to OC48), and clean circuits. (Bandwidth Heaven)

We buy/sell pipe from MFS, TWarner, Ameritech, etc.. And provide
advanced communications to customers: U.S. based ATM, IP, LD, LDIP, and
Frame. We function primarily as a bandwidth/advanced communications
*wholesaler*, so you don't hear of us much. We are a C based shop,
and also provide "Custom" Data services to the Carrier/Communications

Want a brochure? : mailto://techsale@onecall.net, or
as I am beginning to sound too much like a salesman for comfort. :wink:

No one, Just a tech who has to deal with so many technologies throughout

the course of a week, that I begin to "bleed over" acronyms, and confuse

everyone when I post :wink:

  But, I am a member of NANOG, I think that counts! :wink:


Richard Irving <rirving@onecall.net> writes:

Who is Richard Irving?

Tim Bass with a new spelling?

It is sort of an obsession of mine

Wow, good guess, Sean.