Switch designed for mirroring tap ports

Instead of monitoring the physical interface, monitor the vlan from a Cisco IOS perspective on a CAT6500. This will capture all physical interfaces associated with that vlan for mirroring/span.



No the issue isnt monitoring many ports at once, its having more then 1 set
of monitoring or 2 sets in the 6500 case. So I am monitoring say port
channel 1 to ports 1 2 3 4, and port channel 2 , ports 4 5 6 and 7. After
that I cannot monitor anymore ports.

Yes, the Cat 6500s are limited to a certain number of SPAN/port
monitoring sessions.

Another tool, we've switched to after using the Gigamon for many years
are taps and the Anue 5236 (10Gb) port aggregator. From this we can
split the SPAN feeds into different IDS/monitoring servers or load-share
among several output servers. It is a great tool and very easy GUI to
control the feeds and output ports.

Ian Slade
Sr. Network Engineer, SAIC ITS Systems Engineering
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Be careful when considering the Anue products. When we evaluated both Anue and Gigamon, we had to rule out Anue due to total lack of IPv6 support, and went with Gigamon instead. I have not heard whether the situation has changed in the last year. We liked both products for their functionality and ease of use, but for us IPv6 was the distinguishing capability.


Ron Broersma
DREN Chief Engineer