Suppliers of Optics, Cables, and Parts and Support in Argentina


Our organization is US based.

South America is a difficult region to procure parts in but Argentina is particularly difficult. Our current process is to ship spare gear to Argentina but we get hit very hard with import duties. I'm looking for a local supplier of Optics, Cables, and Parts (drives, RAM, etc.) locally in Argentina.

As a second initiative we are exploring putting a few systems under a support contract so we don't deal with the headache that comes with navigating importing gear there. We would be putting a few generic supermicro servers (CPU, RAM, Motherboard, disk) and some network equipment (Cisco\Juniper) under support.

Any help from anyone who has navigated this would be appreciated.


You might try posting to the LACNOG list. In Spanish if you can, but
there are occasional posts in English too..



Thank you. Perhaps ChatGPT can help me post in Spanish, it could not help me locate the suppliers :).

- Nanoguser99