SuperWhois v2.2 update available.

Version 2.2 of GeekTools SuperWhois is now available at under the software icon.


1) All 3 apps (web-based, proxy (source), and Windows client) answer for
101 g-tld and cc-tlds.

2) V2.2 takes care of all registrars in the .com .net and .org g-tlds,
by first examining crsnic, then querying the relevant whois server. If
you find problems, let us know.

NOTE: There are a number of cc-tld whois servers that *only* provide a
web interface. We're trying to work with their 'managers' to create a
command-line whois. As we convince them, we'll add them. In the interim
we'll try and create a set of links to them off the geektools whois

3) To control spammers, the daily limit per source-ip through the proxy
and web versions is set at 50. If you would like this number increased,
bribe us at, and give us real contact
information for you, plus a promise that you won't use the service for
spam reasons. We monitor, and Guido and Sal enforce the rules :wink:

4) no longer spawns a seperate browser session
for applications (enough of you complained).

As always, updates and suggestions to