Summer of Hijacks: My message to RIPE and the RIPE Executive Board

Found yet another big hijacking operation. Coming out of RIPEland, again.
See below for full details.

I didn't really want to post again to NANOG on this topic (hijacks) quite
this soon, but the bloody European crooks, spammers, and hijackers aren't
really giving me a break, and I can't abide just sitting in silence and
stewing about it for another month or three. I mean this stuff is just
getting ridiculous. And I do wory that the Internet community is just
starting to accept this stuff as "normal behavior", which it isn't.

Maybe the following will finally get somebody's attention in RIPEland,
but I'm not holding my breath for what I personally consider a Good
Outcome (which would include full disclosure about what the hell they
are actually going to do about any of this, which is probably far too
much to even hope for).

I'll probably be permanently banned from all of the relevant RIPE mailing
lists for having posted this. I just skimmed over RIPE's Code of Conduct
for their mailing lists and it basically says that Thou Shalt Not Say
Anything Bad About Anybody Specifically, Ever, and I'm pretty sure that
I just broke that rule, in spades.

Oh well. May God bless the First Amendment, and may God bless NANOG!

P.S. It was just now brough to my attention that AS197328, Istanbuldc,
is -only- routing, which looks to be one of the few
routes that are maintained by MNT-SERVERSGET that are actually for
legitimately allocated IPv4 blocks.

For the record, I do not dispute that some of the routes maintained by
MNT-SERVERSGET are for legitimately allocated space. I will and do
however dispute any assertion that ALL such routes are for IP space that
has been legitimately allocated to either Mr. Alexander Samuilov or to
his various corporate identities or corporate partners. That does not
appear to be the case, based on the evidence.

(note - minor edits applied)