Summary of ANTI-spam techniques now available

>The more people running sites who have this information, the better.

Graham Toal, a TISPA member, replaces routine CHECKCOMPAT (which was
designed to be local code) in conf.c in sendmail with extensive code. His
approach has made Eric Allman's page and can be found at

Although the code can be tweaked to bounce spam immediately, usually
it just tags it with an extra header and allows the user to filter or
delete it with procmail or Eudora filters. It implements a
scoring system and has been pretty stable for the last month or so
with very few modifications being needed to the ruleset any more.
(In fact, Tispa members will have been wondering why I've been so quiet on
the subject of spam on our mailing list recently - that's why - it's so
long since I've had any I don't have much to say on the subject any more :-))

Graham indicates "Anyone else who is not a Tispa member who wishes to use
this code
must request and be given explicit permission from me."

Which is almost always granted unless your surname happens to be Wallace :slight_smile:
It's really just a way to make sure I keep a mailing list of everyone using
the code so I can notify people of bug fixes. (Of which there's been one
so far)

I was CC'd this mail; I'm not a member of nanog (though I guess I should
be; too many lists, too little time) so if there's any further discussion
on this topic that I can help with, I'd appreciate if someone could forward
me any articles that need a reply or remember to cc when you
post them. Thanks.