Summary of Alteon inquiry

At the request of many below is a summarization of the emails I recieved
concerning my Alteon question. There seems to be alot of people very
interested in Alteon's. The common answer was that it is difficult to find
extensive information about them on the web. My assumption would be is if
you do not have a support contract then the best way to recieve guidance with
Alteon products would be to contact them directly. Either via a sales
representative or by the email address below.

  (pdf documents)
  (white papers, equipment specs, FAQ's, Viso icons)
  (mailing list and searchable archives)

Ask your sales rep or sales engineer. We've been very
happy with our AceDirector 3's.

I was able to find some stuff by searching on google for 'alteon
loadbalancer example config' (or something like that) it at least gave me
enough to get a loadbalanced config up and running..
Their documentation isn't publically available last time
I checked. But they shouldn't have any problems emailing
you electronic copies or even hard copies.

Kim Graham