SUMMARIZATION: Colo comparisons... (was OT: I hate doing this)

[Comment: I had stated that I would not post a summary back to NANOG re:
this - however - the requests to do so were numerous so I re-neg'd please
beat me privately if you disagree - I tried my best to keep respondants
annonymously quoted]

In the course of networking events you become confronted with the e-e-evil
scourge of marketting and it's near death-grip hold on the ears of upper
management (sorry for the unavoidable visuals here) - that sets the scene
for my predicament and the need to validate my statements to my superiors
by my peers and mentors here...

My list was short - it was prompted by a short list presented by our
marketting folk re: possible alternatives to our current provider.

They are (along with our current provider)...


There were some honorable mentions from the respondants:

  (one mention)

  (quite a few mentions)
  Frontier Globalcenter *very highly recommended by all mentions*

The ratings so far read as follows: (note this is subject to my
interpretations of the review)

scale: 1-10 10 being the unblemished lamb 5 being the starting point

  AboveNET - 9
  Level3 - 5
  Exodus - 5
  Servint - 4
  GTE - 4
  AGIS - 2
  VERIO - 2
  CIGNAL - 0 (no data)