Suggestion for NANOG Meeting

Mike Leber <> writes:

    > Using "ask to be taken off their list" as an indicator indicates
    > a naive understanding of how serious spam servers (for lack of a
    > better term) operate.

    > The primary reason that a well written spam includes a way "to
    > get off the list" are it gives recipients an action to take,
    > thus reducing complaints.

    > You can ask to be removed from the scam artist's lists all you
    > want, but you will never be removed from the spam server's
    > master list.

I can confirm this. The reply-to address of a good deal of the spam
out there is <someusername>, the example address, so the
"remove-request" just gets a reply from the example address mailbot
and is then trashed. We're currently seeing about 20mb/day of these
misaddressed remove-requests.