Suggestion: Add contact entry to whois

Owen DeLong has declared that:

We already have Admin, Tech, and Billing. Would it be possible to consider
the addition of an Abuse contact in whois?

I think that's an excellent idea - a couple added lines to the whois
should not be a major redo - perhaps for exiting domains, initially
have them default to the tech contact data until the domain owners get
an opportunity to provide the added info.

In terms of the larger number of issues we see these days, the contact
info from whois tends to be woefully inadequate (and often out-of-date) at

Equally important for the netblock entries in the ARIN whois database,
too - is the listed coordinator really going get you to the right party
quickly if one has a BGP issue that needs addressing in a timely manner
for instance, or is it more often some party who does not understand/is
unable to deal with the issue, with the actual working admin many hours
away in the pecking order at the organization? For our org, the email
goes directly to one who can take action immediately, but I suspect
that for many organizations it is not.

The added contact info I suspect would be quite a timesaver once in place.

Pat M