Subsea Cable Status Map Experiment Update

Hello everyone,

I wanted to send a quick follow up email regarding the subsea cable status map experiment which we have shared few months ago with NANOG community.

More details can be found here. Nanog lighting talk can be accessed here.

Based on the feedback we have collected from many interested parties,engineers and operators we are taking an approach to work on providing a platform which will enable people to to submit their KML, CVS, or whatever format they prefer which will create maps based on this actual data as well as with some basic APIs we will be able to get NOCs of these submarine cable systems quickly able to update status of the cable and insert other information should a cut/disruption occurs.

We will be building this subsea map from complete scratch and only based on the data shared by those who have access to the cables. Our intent is to have this map displayed in every NOC as a cool way to find status of subsea cables (and long term strategy might be to extend this to some long haul, and metro fibre - i know this is VERY hard but dreaming big here…).

We are asking for your feedback here, what information would be useful besides cable availability? what is minimum needed for this map to be useful? What really doesn’t matter? we are also working on overlaying this map with other maps, if you have suggestions, please share those privately with me (or to the all list).

We’ve created a mailing list which you can join and share your ideas in more details. We are also seeking for help as I am mostly self organizing this project. If you have cycles to write code, and have experience with GIS, Openstreetmap and other mapping software, Python, and interested in contributing please let me know also off-list.

thanks in advance, and I hope to have a working demo very soon.