Subsea availability

Hello there,

I am working on a masters project idea to create an interactive map of the
world’s subsea cables (cls to cla without local loops from cls to dc)

I would like to know if anyone have worked with something like this in the
past, and whether you think it would be cool to have a map where you can
see subsea cable availability.

I am also going to be at nanog denver to talk about this project with
people. Let me know if you are available and interested in talking on ways
to collaborate.

I have few ideas on how to make this work with using ripe atlas probe like
devices installed in strategic locations.


I'll put this as a starter

There's probably better by now


yeah, I know and already reached out to my friends at Telegeography on how
to make interactive

Not interactive but cool animation:

Not to mention:


yup that one too, i have noticed. the issue with this one, it does not load
for me unless i accept some scripts to load. I will speak to Greg about how
to get around it and i am already using his database.

May be there is something similar, but with the sales contact for each
cable system? :wink:

22.05.18 08:54, Reid Fishler пише:


I wanted to give a little update on this project,

Thanks to data made available by Telegeography on Github we have made some
great progress.

you can visit to see the map available with all
subsea cables that exists.

Currently we are working with subsea providers to receive emails to a
specific email address regarding outages and then parse this email in a way
to update color of the cable on the map. There are MANY challenges to this
but we believe we will over come those challenges with collaboration and
coordination. I have reached out to several subsea cable operators asking
them to help provide data but so far let's say, I am not as luck as I
thought I would be.

Anyway , I plan to tackle some of the challenges (parsing emails, updating
map via code and other methods of intake) in upcoming NANOG Denver
Hackathon. I am intentionally taking the route of email notifications
because those can be tailored to ensure the outage is from 1 Cable Landing
Station to another Cable Landing Station. If you have suggestions please
let me know.

Best regards

Cable system operators are typically not keen to share this kind of
information, for any reason, as I'm sure you're finding out :-)...