Strange behavior...

Not too sure if this falls into NANOG or not but I thought I'd give it a

I'm seeing some wierd responses from the Sprintlink primary name server
( and I wanted to know if anyone could explain the

Pinging from San Francisco CA (GTE & Pacbell) and our
colo in Bay City MI (MCI), I get a standard response. However, if I
ping from our colo in Cambridge MA (GTE), I get a response of "2 times
amplification" instead of packet loss.

I've certainly seen amplification from ping in the past, but I thought
it was a host/interface configuration issue that would affect all
external hosts equally. I did not believe it had anything to do with
routing, but now I'm not so sure. Anyone have any clues on why this is
happening? Can anyone explain why ICMP amplification would occur?

Aaron Tavistock
Network Engineer / UNIX Systems Administrator
Total Entertainment Network (

This happens when a router with a protect circuit and a router
with working circuit both think they should be passing traffic.