[stdaddr] Re: I-D (Re: Out of date contact information )

I'm cleaning out all my old mail about the "stdaddr" document,
which Scott has been reminding me needs to get disposed of.

> > You might want to note the prior work done by the NJM working group.
> I would be most happy to do that, but can you give me a more solid ref?

Here are pointers to minutes of NJM meetings where I remember us
discussing these issues:


trouble@your.net got it
noc@your.net got it
noc.your.net out of scope
net-trouble@noc.your.net never seen this, don't like it much
noc@noc.your.net never seen this, don't like it much


      - 192.1.1 (a BBN Network) will be discontinued because some
         vendors of medical equipment ship using it as a default host

I love stuff like that.