Status Report - Mail Bombing of by Sprint Client + FAQ

I have been told that Sean, endeavoring to carry out a known Sprint
policy, angered an outside and powerful person last September. I have no
proof of this 'rumor'. But if anyone does have any verifiable information
as to exactly what DID happen I'd certainly like to know. Because, if
Sprint did capitulate to an outside power in the way described to me, such
action deserves to be made very public. I have discussed the specifics of
the allegation with the key people directly involved. They all denied the
allegation. But they also offered no alternative story. From what they
told me all parties appear to have signed an agreement not to talk about
what actually happened. I want to make very clear however that nothing I
have heard indicates to me any shred of unprofessional behavior on Sean's
part. I have the highest respect for him and, were I the responsible
decision maker for a major provider, I'd be moving to get him working for
me ASAP.

In the rant explaning his departure that I got from Sean (the word bonehead
was frequently used), he didn't mention anything about pissing someone off
from outside, but I suppose it could have happened.

He certainly pissed off many from outside for a long time - the question
is, why would it matter all of a sudden :slight_smile: