Status as of Friday COB @ Boutillers, Port au Prince, Haiti

[sent to a smaller distribution yesterday evening, now to NANOG for wider information and coordination purposes, ebw]


I am looking into booking Reynold's wife and children into short-term lodging in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic or in a nearby island. There has been some progress on an escort ground transport (to Santo Domingo, D.R.), which will allow Reynold to stay on-site and maintain a non-zero critical technical resource at the Boutilliers Data Center.

There are some signs of progress on the visa and/or parole paperwork necessary to move Dominique, Nikki and Aurelia to Florida, where one of Reynold's two (US nationals) sisters live. However, "soon" isn't a term with a fixed date.

There has been fuel resupply, with sufficient fuel to run through the weekend (sounds familiar, neh?).

With respect to the other core staffers at this facility:

Stéphane Bruno, administrative contact for the .ht Country Code, has left Haiti with his family. They are currently in Washington, D.C.

Max Larson Henry, technical contact for the .ht Country Code, has lost one member of his immediate family, and has taken another member of his immediate family to hospital. He is not available to assist in the operation of the telecommunications and datacommunications infrastructure at Boutillers.

Reginald Chauvet, the owner of the Data Center in Boutillers, in which the .ht Country Code registry is a tenant, has left Haiti with his family. They are currently in Maimi.

All the critical telecom infrastructures are located at the Data Center in Boutillers, which contains the Internet Exchange Point, is hosted in ths Data Center. There are technicians present in the environment, for whom Mr. Guerrier has coordinated their shelter, feeding and basic needs, but no other technical resources capable of operating any of the NAP/IX/relay problems, as they arise.

The transport date isn't fixed, but I expect it will be within the next 48 hours. The end-to-end, PaP-to-SD time is 5 hours, road and boarder control included in the time budget. If Reynold has to provide the escort himself he will be off-site for at least twice that period, possibly as long as 48 hours, complications costed in. The nearby island routing is via air, and preferable, but has a paperwork dependency.

As Rod Beckstrom will be doing a public availability in the early evening of the 27th in Washington, D.C., and I've a real job to do from time to time (for CORE), I plan to be in Washington on the 27th. If anyone wants to meet at the Beckstrom event venue [1] or near by drop me a line.


17:00 to 19:00 local time
Place: Buffalo Billiards, Victorian Room, 1330 19th Street, Washington DC 20036

Note that the servers that master the .HT domain are located in Sydney, Australia, in the CoCCA datacenter, and have been (and continue to be) continuously available. The general business operations of the registry are presumably still on hold, but the .HT domain administrators and those of us operating the publicly-visible .HT servers arrived at a process for making any necessary updates to delegations and nameserver records for second-level domains quite some time ago, so there's no operational impact here. The .HT domain has been continuously functional throughout this affair.