stats on spam?

can anyone point me to any current statistics on the amount of email
traffic carried on the internet that is actually spam?

everyone kicks around an AOL report to the FTC in 1997 stating that
1/3 of their email messages received were spam, and another by ATT
labs (5-15% of their email, 1997) but i've been using those stats for
a while, and i'd like to update my resources for my current
paper/talk, but i've been searching around and am not having much

private responses are welcome, since i believe this borders on
off-topic land...

thanks much!

deeann m.m. mikula

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The Wall Street Journal has an on-going series about UCE/Spam. Today's
article is about Hotmail. According to the article Hotmail gets
approximately two billion e-mail messages a day, 80% of them are spam.

Hotmail Has Quite a Job to Save
Its E-Mail Empire From Spam
by Lee Gomes,,SB1026085791622086280,00.html?mod=technology_featured_stories_hs