Statistics on five interconnection points

The Routing Arbiter collects network statistics at the AADS, MAE-East,
MAE-West, PacBell, and Sprint interconnection points. Public available
reports include:

Ping Delay/Packet Loss (reported monthly).

BGP Peering: reports the number of update packets received by route server
from each peer, and that peer's down/up information. (daily)

System Uptime: reports route server uptime (monthly)

Free Virtual Memory and CPU Usage: report the usage of virtual memory and
CPU at route servers (daily).

More reports will be added, such as tcp data packet retransmission, which
will be compared to the ping packet loss

The reports are at

Comment are welcome. The entire work is the effort of Dun Liu, Bill
Norton, Susan Horvath and Susan Harris.

Dun Liu