Static IP addresses for Dial-up

Demon (as it appears to the Internet [due to their dynamic modem
binding/routing code]) is all permanently wired (but randomly
powered-up/connected) hosts. The fact that the connections are via dial-up
not leased lines is not relevant to how they appear to the Net. If every
one of their users had their own leased line OR dial up port phone number
would you say that they wasting space? There is no significant difference
between these latter connection methods and Demon's actual "Dial any of our
POPs to make your connection" method. All they are doing is sharing the
modem ports instead of assigning a separate one to each customer. As they
have noted, dynamic addressed does not fit the model of what they are
selling (ie: CONNECTION not ACCESS). What types of Daemons/Agents are being
run by the user while they are connected is not important due to the STATIC
IPN (Something that would NOT be possible with a dynamic/random IPN
number). Until Dynamic DNS is out in the field, Dynamic IPN supports ONLY
Access not Connection (and as I noted, Demon sells Connection not just