Statement regarding Colorado politics

Statement Regarding the Upcoming Regional Techs Meeting
and "Amendment 2" in Colorado

In light of the upcoming Regional Techs Meeting to be
held in Boulder, Merit, an employer that does not
discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, wishes
to acknowledge the current political situation in Colorado.
As many of you know, the voters of Colorado passed
"Amendment 2" in the November 1992 national election.

As a result of this amendment being passed, a national
boycott of Colorado by various groups and individuals is
underway and some Merit staff who would otherwise have
attended the Regional Techs meeting have chosen to honor
the boycott and will not be in Boulder. Others who do
attend will use the opportunity to gain more knowledge
about the issues.

Similar grassroots movements have begun in other states
so all of us may soon be confronted with similar choices.
The Colorado amendment reads as follows: