standards for giving out blocks of IP addresses

  So what you're saying is that if I want to find out what the policy is,
that I shouldn't bother going to the RIR's web site for any guidance. And,
should I do that and actually bother to read the information they supply,
I should ignore it because it doesn't mean anything since all that counts
is what the "insider" of the day says it should be. And, if they refer to
an RFC (yes I know what that stands for) then I shouldn't bother to look
it up and read it, because it's only a suggestion and, "we don't really do
things that way anyway".
  With all due respect, it's exactly that kind of situation that causes
problems. Now I think I understand...somehow it's all starting to make



what I was actually trying to convey was that the published policies are
what you have to deal with, not the RFC, and that in particular, some RIR
policies have diverged from 2050.

I have never been employed by an RIR. I simply know/knew enough people on
the inside of one particular RIR to know how things worked in practice.

this may be of interest:

and I suggest you don't publicly flame private emails in future.


  Sorry for my previous post--I should be more carefull when I'm tired. In
any case, note that I have been working from the published ARIN policies
and the quoted RFC. BTW, the link you provided lists RFC2050 as the
assignment policy for all the RIR's.