standard network symbols/icons


Do any of the standards organizations (ISO?) have a set of icons/symbols to
represent network devices ranging from routers to servers to load balancers?
I've always used the basic Cisco and Juniper icons, but I'm being directed
to find something not associated with a vendor in *any* way, but prettier
than rectangular boxes.

My google and ISO website searches have turned up empty aside from an
apparently independent attempt at developing standard symbols:

Does anyone know of any more official source?

Thank you,


I don't know of standards for this, but what I most often find in presentations is:

- Router: a cylinder with a 4-headed diagonal arrow on the upper surface
- server: a generic mainframe-looking rack
- host: a generic PC-looking computer icon

If you use PowerPoint 2000 (I don't about other versions), the "Networking" category of the "More autoshapes" dialog has several icons for various kinds of hosts and servers. Unfortunately, it doesn't include the router icon that I described above.

-- David

Well there are the symbols included with Visio however I'm not sure that is
much more than the boxes you mentioned.