Standalone Stratum 1 NTP Server

If GPS visibility is not an option (GPS can be very finicky about being
able to see an open percentage of the sky), then CDMA signals are also an
option in the states. Handy if the installation is going to be in a
highrise. Prices seem to vary greatly between manufacturers, I've gotten
quotes on both of these in the past but I'm not finding the post-it I'd
written that info upon.


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Not exactly "stand alone" because you have to place the antenna somwhere
where it can see the GPS satellites as is the case with any any Stratum 1
NTP device. Then you have to program the IP into it and plug the ethernet
into it. They are really simple to install and configure. They give you a
certain amount of Coax (you can order more if need be) and you put the
antenna on the roof and run it down to the receiver. Quite simple.

They have a couple different models to choose from.