SSL for IRR queries?

In the referenced message, Tony Tauber said:

If there's a desire to trust information garnered
from the Internet Routing Registry (eg. RADB, RIPE),
it would seem that one would like a way to verify
the server responding to queries.

At this time, I think verification and sanity-checking
of the data that goes into the IRR is more important than
that which comes out of it.

There is a plethora of stale registrations, entities who
don't register (*cough*701*cough*), and at least one entity
which is robo-proxy-registering routes "in the wild" (due to
the folks who don't register.)

I'ld love to see the first cleaned up (including others who
have registered chunks of your address space with their own
maintainer, making it tough to delete (much like the old problem
of others creating/referencing DNS servers making it impossible
to have them deleted.) The second group annoy me to no end, both
in the customer and in the peer variety. The third is somewhat annoying
since it can mask leaks from the folks who _do_ register, and doesn't
really solve #2.

I understand your gripe but am not interested in boiling the
ocean today. If there were a *subset* of information that
one was prepared to trust somewhat, the modest enhancement
of more verifiable queries would be nice and, I think, fairly
cheap to add.