Sprint's route filters and Europe

  > "Alex.Bligh" <amb@xara.net> writes:
  > Historically the way to prevent such market disfunction has been
  > regulation of this sort. Which is exactly what Internic, RIPE, etc.
  > do. However, where regulation is different in different geographical
  > areas in what is effectively a global market place, it causes problems.
  > c.f. the telecoms industry.

That is true and we work very hard to align all regional registries
to the extent possible. I see no major differences causingproblems at
the moment. If there are, please point them out.

I agree. The regional registries meet several times a year as well
as keeping in close contact via email to coordinate our policies
as much as possible. We are aware of geographical differences and
try to make allowances for them as much as possible. I think the
majority of the problems with IP numbers pretty much transcend any
international boundaries.