Sprint's filtering

Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 09:44:28 -0500
From: Karl Denninger <karl@mcs.net>
To: "David R. Conrad" <David_Conrad@isc.org>,
       I Am Not An Isp <patrick@ianai.net>
Cc: nanog@merit.edu
Subject: Re: Sprint's filtering


Balderdash. The cost of a few SIMMs in routers pales beyond the
market damage that comes from not being able to get where your
customers want to go.


Even the cost of _Cisco_ SIMMs? :wink:


Still irrelavent. Regardless of the cost of the SIMMs (and you CAN buy
them from other places - I have and do, and there's no problem with that)
protecting any firm's balance sheets from what is clearly an issue of
appropriate pricing structures and bad revenue and expense projections
is NOT a proper function of an address registry.

The appropriate thing for registries to do is make PI allocations of the
actual space required. DO NOT support anyone's pet political, business, or
arm-twisting projects of the month, based on ANYONE's claims of technical or
other necessity.

Let the free market decide what to do about the problem, if in fact there
is a problem.

If you raise such an issue in THAT environment, you had better be right,
because if you're wrong you're out of business. The general checks and
balances that exist in free marketplaces (that is, if you lie about your
costs someone else comes and eats all your customers for breakfast) get
removed when we have official sanction of any firm, or group of firm's
claimed "technical" objections by standards-making bodies.