Sprints definition on NAPs (question)

According to Nathan Stratton:

> Ok, I have been told repeatedly that I cannot peer with Sprint because I don't
> meet the three NAP list. Ok, what is considered a NAP by sprint? I'm
> in the process of putting a DS3 to SprintNAP so I assume that will count
> for one... PacNAP count? Mae-East or West?

Sprint, PacBell, Ameritech, MAE-East, and MAE-West all count I think.

> Whats the official list so that I don't have to keep bouncing routes for
> Sprint customers all over kingdom come or hope for route reflections on the
> various interconnect points...

MAE-East, Sprint, PacBell, and Ameritech I think.

As per the NSF 93-52 solicitation and award, there are 3 official Primary NAPSs
and one Interconnect point (secondary NAP):
  San Francisco NAP (Pacbell & Bellcore)
  New York NAP (Sprint - actually in Pennsaucken New Jersey)
  Chicago NAP (Ameritech & Bellcore)

The interconnect point (secondary NAP):

  Washington DC (MFS DataNet - aka DC NAP and Mae-East).