sprintlink filtering???

Randy Bush wrote:

> AS6302 a multihomed sprint/mci customer is announcing
> 204.70.195/24 (a MCI backbone network) to sprintlink, and
> spintlink is accepting it and announcing it to the world.
> Is sprintlink not filtering announcments they get from customers?

why not ask their noc as opposed to the whole world? try ins@sprint.net.

and you also might tell the POC for the AS that's making the boo boo.

but, as the rest of us can't do squat about it, and sprint et alia spend a
lot of money and time running a NOC, maybe give them a try.

Yes, I've sent email to the necessary parties and they have fixed
the problem...

But the issue still remains.

I am rather disturbed by the fact that sprintlink allowed it to
happen in the first place.