Sprint violations

Oh, btw, as of now we have received six queries from people who
feel they may be affected by this filtering.

Good, hopefully you'll get more.

and one concerns 206.197.184/24, which
I cannot get to from ICM AS 1800 or from the CIX

That one is an on-demand net (with no associated route flap).

Mark, could you follow up your exhortations to people to
bombard the INSC et al

I never asked them to bombard, I merely let the affected networks
know what was happening. I'm sure this saved countless calls
to various NOCs around the globe. You see, posting to NANOG
is not exactly the way to spread the word about your policies.

they include _exactly_ which prefixes they are announcing,
and to where, so that we can really track and fix problems?

What? Don't they get a person when they call your NOC?
Can't the Sprint NOC people ask questions?

But I will mention it now as I start to mail to your customers
who are in 206/8 with prefixes of /19 or longer.

Also, are you no longer with AGIS AS 4200?

I am with AGIS AS4200, and Net99 AS3830, and MainStreet AS3720. But
since this started at about 3am Pacific time I thought it best that I
act from my own company. I am not acting on behalf of AGIS, but on
behalf of everybody who followed the rules, satisfied the NIC
criteria, and got allocated a reasonably sized chunk of space.

It is particularly useful if you suggest that people contact
their service providers

That's what I'll do now with the "Sprint violations" list of nets
I earlier posted.

Thanks for the pointers,