Sprint violations

Oh, btw, as of now we have received six queries from
people who feel they may be affected by this filtering.
Two were behind a provider which has now fixed up aggregation
so as to announce shorter prefixes, and two did not indicate
which prefixes were affected.

One was from you, and one concerns 206.197.184/24, which
I cannot get to from ICM AS 1800 or from the CIX or from
a site behind AlterNet anyway...

Mark, could you follow up your exhortations to people to
bombard the INSC et al. with complaints by suggesting that
they include _exactly_ which prefixes they are announcing,
and to where, so that we can really track and fix problems?

It is particularly useful if you suggest that people contact
their service providers to see if they have plans to
aggregate or do other workarounds such that no past
connectivity between long prefixes in 206/8 and SprintLink
AS 1239 breaks unnecessarily.

Also, are you no longer with AGIS AS 4200?