Sprint security contact

One of our customers is currently undergoing a ~30Mbs DDoS to a single IP.
We've BGP blackholed them within our network, but they are still beating up
on our upstream links.

UUNET has blocked them internally, but I'm getting bounced around within
Sprint to have their NOC/security group work on it. I started with our
contact information and also the puck.nether.net info.

If there is a Sprint security person on list, please contact me. If
somebody has a direct Sprint NOC/Security contact, please pass it along.


I had a couple of requests outside the list to pass on any information I

The puck.nether.net phone number is correct. To get to the NOC it is
option #3. Option #2 is for trouble/ticketing.

There's additional information given between each option, so it takes a
while to hear that one.