Sprint problems?

Did anyone else out there have routing and/or BGP issues with AS1239
this afternoon (Saturday 13-April, ~11:30 EST - ~15:00 EST) ??

Sprint is one of our upstreams, and for about 3 hours today some remote
users were unable to reach us via our Sprint connection. We heard
complaints from Road Runner and BellSouth.net DSL users, among others.

Sprint's NOC claims they had no issues, but suddenly it started working
I was on the telephone explaining the situation. Nothing changed on our

It seems to be "over" now, but I'd like some idea of what happened?

Thanks for any help/insight/advice/info,

David Ramsey
CT Communications
Charlotte, NC

The traffic levels that we exchange with Sprint have been really stable
for the last couples months all over the country.
No routing/traffic issues that we noticed today.